Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Where We're Living Now

Life circumstances have brought us up to Pollock Pines.  It was just as abrupt for us as everyone else, but now that we are here and settled I'm quite liking our new location.

Jacob wasted no time in finding friends in the neighborhood; there are a handful of boys here his age and they have already taken to riding bikes and scooters, light sabers, and sharing video games. 
This was the first part of the house I set up: the classroom.  Everything fits nicely, including our monster table, and new curriculum is on the shelves.  If nothing else I can focus my efforts on homeschooling.
One of my favorite features in the house are the bathrooms; here's the master.  Double sinks, stone and tile shower with glass encasing, and a sky light.  This is probably the brightest area in the house.
The view from our back deck.  It looks like a campground up here.
The kids' bathroom.  We are thrilled to have one that is this much bigger than before, and the tub is extra deep.  I can easily bathe 3 kids at once!
"My chair" on the front porch.  I envision sitting here looking up at the stars at night.
We have quite a nice sized back deck.  I imagine the kids will be wanting to eat dinner out here often.
The living room is snug and cozy with a wood burning stove in the corner that I know we'll be using if we stay through the winter.
The kitchen, during unpacking.  It looks much nicer now.  It is quite spacious, and I am so excited about a gas range!
The kids' single bedroom for, yup, all six of 'em.  We are bound and determined to keep this baby clean.  I am all over them on that one.
The view out my kitchen window.  I am always a little nervous someone is going to miss the "T" and barrel right into my house (just kidding.)  It's a nice view and I enjoy watching the cars drive by.
So onto more serious issues, this is a temporary move and we don't know for sure how long we'll be here.  Right now we are estimating 2-6 months, but could be longer.  We are going to use the opportunity to get caught up on some finances before looking for something more permanent.  As the Lord leads, and it's one day at a time.  I just try to focus on the simple things to keep some routine in life.  I am looking forward to the start of a new school year and the adventures that brings.  It is quite beautiful up here in Pollock Pines and I can honestly say I wouldn't mind staying.  I have always loved my Cameron Park, but sometimes you are due for a change and I think that was us.  I am actually grateful to have been "nudged" in this direction.  It will be exciting to see what the future holds.