Saturday, September 27, 2014


Now that I'm off Facebook for a while I'm getting really good at blogging again. :)  Here are a few selections from my phone, of what we've been up to:
Kaitlyn started taking ballet class last week.  These are her new clothes: tights, shoes, skirt, and a cami.

I love when my kids do things together: school work together, lunch together, play together, and here they are watching a movie together.  

Taking a play break at the church park while waiting for Ashlee to finish her workout at the gym.

Rachel picked out this book from the Placerville library the other day.  We got it home and sat down to read it, and discovered it was donated in memory of Nora Temple.  She's the little girl who died in the accident almost 2 years ago November.

This delicious brown butter pear crumble I made last Sunday, with homemade salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice-cream.

It was so smokey at our house a week ago Friday that we took a day off and went to the parks down the hill.

John Kemp park in Folsom.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

September- What We've Been Up To

The girls with their new chairs and stuffed toys.

The boys started guitar lessons and got their first guitar.

Dad and Jacob splitting the winter's wood.

Some of Kaitlyn's art work.

Ashlee got a new book bag from Tilly's... the LAST one!

I am blessed with some pretty views on my runs.

Our street in apple season.

Some P.E. time at Camino school.

Family movie night and one zonked out early.

Tromping down to the lake for our ward boating activity and picnic.

This boy sleeps anywhere.

King Fire

This is by far the largest fire in the history of El Dorado County, and currently covers over 90,000 acres.  These pictures are from Placerville to Pollock Pines, and of course, our home town of Camino.
High Hill Ranch, Camino.

Camino Community Church, Cable Rd.

Crystal Springs Rd. and Mace.

Hwy 50, Camino.

Pollock Pines.

Pinewood School, 2nd day of fire.

Mace Rd.