Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cancun Trip 2015

Our trip to Cancun was nothing short of amazing.  We spent 5 nights, 6 days and Grandma Cathe was home taking care of our little ones.  We stayed at Villa del Palmar room 2406A, and I always want to remember that because it was the most amazing room ever.  Check out that view.  I will also always remember Forrest's first time seeing the Caribbean, and getting in that warm water with him.  We had such a magical time it is almost hard to put into words.  It truly felt like Heaven on earth, and we both dream of bringing our kids back one day.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take this trip.
View from our room.  We "tipped" the receptionist $40 at the desk and were upgraded to this ocean view suite.  Priceless.

Our balcony.  I literally cried tears of joy in that hammock our first night there out of sheer joy for being there.

Our beautiful hotel bedroom.

Forrest's first time on the Caribbean, walking out to the beach from our resort.

First time placing feet in the white sand.

Beach at our resort.

Buffet breakfast.  This food was *amazing* and so authentic!  My favorite was the bananas in cream with coconut.

My honey trying out his snorkel gear.

One of the pools at our resort.  The kids would've loved this.

This was the Ultra Mar ferry we took to Isla Mujeres.

Day 1: Isla Mujeres.  North Beach, accredited as the most beautiful beach on the Caribbean.  Live music, fresh mango, swimming, snorkeling, and lying out in the hot sun with a little shopping afterwards.

Day 2: Xcaret.  We did an underwater Sea Trek and explored the park.  Lots of wildlife.

This guy was a fan and as you walked by him he blew air.

Day 3: Cozumel.  This was our favorite day by far.  

Snorkel trip in Cozumel.  Look at that blue water!  Mesmerizing.

Our snorkel guide.  

Beach on the east side of Cozumel.  We scootered there.  I never wanted to leave this place.  Most magical day ever.

Dinner on Cozumel (this is where Forrest drank the smoothie and got sick.)

Across from the ferry station.

Last full day at the resort, drinking tea on our balcony not wanting to leave.  It's a good thing we stuck around because Forrest got really sick that night and we had to call the missionaries for a blessing.
I had about 2 hours to myself on the beach and it was utterly relaxing.
Sipping virgin pina coladas and strawberry mango-tangos.

Forrest did join me for a little bit but was not well enough to jet ski or do much.

One last view the day of our departure.  Goodbye Caribbean, we will miss you!  Until next time!

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