Thursday, August 4, 2011

Solar-Roasted Marshmallows

Who says we have to wait until the first day of school to start learning?

My friend Katie sent us the link to this science website that gave instructions for constructing a solar oven. The kids had fun watching the tele-class and learning all about alternative and renewable energy sources. Their project was to create an "oven" using a cardboard box, magnifying sheet, and tin foil. For some reason our marshmallow didn't quite roast as we had expected, but it could be that I didn't have a strong enough lense or that the angle was not quite right. Either way, it was a good learning experience that got them working together. As for me, I am now really excited for the upcoming school year! I tell you, there is nothing like teaching your own children.

The marshmallow was skewered in this little back door.

Waiting for a change to occur...

Our oven.

He thinks he sees something...

Is it toasted yet?

A view through the magnifying lense.

Our marshmallow (that never toasted.)

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  1. Ours didn't toast either. I am wondering what we would need to do to get it to work better. It was certainly hot enough. The marshmallows did get soft and the outside changed a little. We had a lot of fun too.