Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I am on the verge of change, and it excites me.  Approaching the 3rd trimester and it's excitingly near.  There is still snow on the ground but spring is nigh.

This house was a temporary move, then we signed a 1 year lease.  We will be ready to go.  I dream of moving into a house in Lotus or Rescue, down the hill, in the sunshine.  There we will have a yard to play in, a garden to grow, and my kids will have more than one bedroom.  We will be debt-free.

I am no longer keeping the twins for three months so my summer will be carefree.  I will tan, lose weight, run, train, and sleep.  It will be the best postpartum period I've ever had.  We will camp with our kids and take them swimming, and I will not be beached with a nursing baby.  There will be much to look forward to.

Today I fill out registration packets for Kindergarten and High School, Kaitlyn and Ashlee respectively.  Come May my youngest baby turns two.  My baby-bearing days are over.  Come fall I will have not six but two kids home with me during the day.  I will feel "normal."  Life will be good and there will be sunshine.

The journey has been blessed and one day I will write about all the "miracles."  The "miracle" of the timing.  The "miracle" of the single father.  The "miracle" of the match, twins, and a home birth.  For now these are treasures I keep to myself.

I want to tan, I want to lose this twin weight (did I tell you I'm already heavier than I've ever been in my life?) I want to run, and I want to train for a half-marathon before the year's end.  I"m going to join a gym, something I've wanted to do for the 9 years since I left mine.  Maybe I'll do a Tough Mudder with Forrest.  What keeps you going?  What is your "happy place?"  What goals, ambitions, dreams, and desires do you aspire to?  Not only eternally, but in the here and now.  After all, what is eternity if we are not happy in the present?

Oh, and I promised the kids a trip to Disneyland.  My daughter is 13 and has never been past camping.  Any tips on talking Forrest into a trip to Hawaii?  His practical side would rather save for a down payment.  I think we've earned it. ;)


  1. What a great post! I feel excited for you and for all the changes that will happen in the next season of your life. I'd like a house in Lotus or Rescue with property, too! I think you've earned everything you've got coming your way. :)

  2. i love this post!! i can just feel your happy beaming energy through it!! good things in deed my friend! and speaking of gym memberships matt just got me one the other day and I'm happy to say that I used it all two days Ive had it. all Ive done so far is run and swim. but I'm looking forward to doing more yoga and trying cycling. I love running but it really has been hard on my body and i need to find other things that I enjoy as much. I can't wait to see where you guys end up and to hear about all your adventures.. from signing kids up for school to disneyland!! love you lots. you are such a ray of sunshine xoxo