Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Fun with the Cousins

The cousins came back for dinner tonight! We had chicken tortilla soup, cornbread, and chocolate lave cakes. The best part was that I had it all ready before 5:00, so I was actually able to sit down and visit this time! A very nice feeling indeed. Aunt Kimmy surprised us with a drop-in visit with her two little ones and ended up staying for dinner as well.

Rumor has it these two look alike. =)
Beautiful baby Cali, who's just one month older than Anthony.
The boys building a Lego tower taller than Aunt Roxanne!
Just try getting these three busy girls to turn around for a picture.
And what's a get-together without a little piano music being banged out in the background?
It sure was great to get all these guys together again. We are going to miss you so much- have a safe flight home.

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