Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spring Cleaning in December

One of my favorite times to clean is post-Christmas. The new year and a fresh start really fuel my cleaning energies. I have been known in years past to take down the tree as soon as the day after Christmas. Well, this year it lasted until four days past. It is such a good feeling for me to vacuum pine needles off my floor for the last time, take down all the beautiful decorations that, after December 25th, just look like clutter, and get my house back in order. Our cleaning spree lasted from 9:00a.m until 5:00p.m., but the great thing is it is all done! We worked from the kitchen up, bottom to top. Ashlee spent about three hours with me cleaning out her room and organizing her mounds of crochet accessories. I can see the budding cleaner/organizer in her. With a new homeschool semester approaching, an orderly house is a good start for helping us to set some of those other academic goals and getting back on track post first-trimester of pregnancy. So today, it's to the library. I want to have plenty of supplemental science and history books to dive into at the start of next week. Here's to a new year and new achievements.


  1. I am so on board with you. That is what I was doing when you came by the other day! We have some home improvement projects we are planning and with that getting rid of everything. :)
    I love a fresh start to a new year!!

  2. I thought I smelled a clean, lemony scent wafting from your house when you opened the door!