Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Anthony's First Cereal and Rachel Cuteness

On Sunday night I got the impression that Anthony is ready for baby food, and decided that this would be the week. So, last night I mixed him up the thinnest concoction of rice cereal and formula and gave it a go. The boy was READY for it! With his first bite he looked me straight in the eyes and gave me a look that said, "Mom, you get it!" He grabbed my hand and helped me bring the spoon to his mouth every time. I was sensin' your vibes buddy.
He knew exactly what he was going for. I'm sure it was a little bland, and next time I think I'll add bananas. My kids go monkeys for bananas.
Nice and messy. I would've put a bib on him, but the only ones I had were pink and undoubtedly girly, and I didn't want those going in the scrapbook. Poor boy would never live it down with his brothers and sisters.
He's nearly 8 months old and has no desire to sit on his own or even remotely think about crawling. I guess I've done a good job of keeping him my in-arms baby. He's totally chill, which is fine with me. We've worked out a deal that he will stay my baby for a very long time. ;)
He has no reservations about being a cheeser for the camera though.
"Can I just get those in my mouth please?" I love the way he so effortlessly folds over in half. Looks like the stretch I try to do after running.
And Rachel. Ooooh, Rachel. This girl is my compulsive helper. She likes to anticipate my move and be one step ahead. For example, if she sees that I am about to throw something away she will run over to the trash can just so she can open the lid. With her, there's a place for everything and everything's in its place. There is a laundry detergent cup that has been sitting on the garage stairs for about a week, and I can tell it's been bugging her. Every time we walk down the stairs to switch over a load of laundry she pauses, picks it up, contemplates walking it down to the detergent shelf, then sets it back down and comes inside at my beckoning. She just can't stand it. I love her for it.
The other thing she loves doing as of late is DISHES. She loves to stand at the sink and play in the water, and will wash any surrounding dishes. After posting this picture I looked closely and gasped- - she's drinking out of a peri-bottle!! I've accumulated a number of those with my homebirths and I PROMISE it's sanitary!! I always run them through the dishwasher and put them under the sink for my kids to play with. They make great bath toys.


  1. The peri bottle was the first thing I noticed about the picture:) They are really fun at bath time too, although they can get a little messy.

  2. OH Anthony is getting so big! I love it. =) Cereal is always such a fun stage.

    I noticed the peri bottle too....because my kids play with one in the bath tub also. Sounds like you're not alone! =)