Friday, January 20, 2012

Silhouette Portraits

I am giddy about these! I don't get the opportunity to craft very often (nor am I inclined to do so) so when I come up with something like this it is very rewarding.

The way that these originated goes as follows: I was holding Anthony on my bed one morning when he caught sight of his shadow on the wall. He followed it with great interest. When he turned sideways, I reveled in the tiny details of his profile: his chin, his eyelashes, the upturn of his nose. I decided then and there that profile was so adorable I had to capture it. It was then I remembered coming across a tutorial for silhouettes on my friend Katie's blog (click here for the tutorial.)

When Forrest came home and saw what I was working on, he said he had been watching Kaitlyn fall asleep in our bed the previous night and had the idea of silhouette portraits come to him. Guess these were meant to be! Seriously, they were so easy, and if I can do them anyone can do them.


  1. I love Noah's hair. Good job getting it done. I too have been wanting to do this and haven't. Maybe this week...

  2. I love them! I like that you did the girls on one frame and the boys on another. =) I can totally tell who each kid is, you captured them perfectly. They will be cherished for a long time I'm sure.