Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And Just Like That...

...my last baby is starting to sleep through the night. He officially did his first eight hour stretch last night.

It's a bittersweet celebration, but was done out of necessity. I have to admit that with Anthony being my last baby I have procrastinated sleep training. Yet after having an exceptionally tired Sunday a couple of weeks ago, I knew what had to be done. The first step was in getting him to take a pacifier, which came along in one night with the help of Aunt Vera. The next milestone was getting him used to taking his naps in the co-sleeper opposed to in the swing or latched on to me. The third and final step was reversing his wake-feed-sleep cycle to a feed-wake-sleep cycle in order to train him to fall asleep on his own and not while nursing. By the third night, he was doing quite well.

The playpen is all set up in the boys' room, and as soon as he is regularly sleeping through the night I will move him in with his brothers and officially re-claim my bedroom once and for all.

It really is a blessing that he transitioned as easily as he did. Thank you Baby Wise for all your wisdom and knowledge, and for helping me to sleep train all of my babies. You have definitely left a legacy in this family.

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