Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun with Phonics

I am just love, love, loving our Learning Language Arts through Literature program. Noah's favorite spot to work is on the living room floor, so that is where we do our reading and writing. The couch is reserved for history and free reading. Noah is progressing so well, and has quickly gone from learning his alphabet and phonics to reading and writing. This week he is beginning sentences, and it is so rewarding to watch his progress. See the video below to witness his budding reading skills!
Naturally Kaitlyn wants to be in on the action. One of the things I love about this being our sixth year of homeschooling is that all the younger children are being grafted in.


  1. Which phonics program are you using? Right now Catherine and I are having fun with just the explode the code books, but I am trying to figure out what I want to do with her next year.

  2. Naomi- I had Noah start with Get Ready for the Code book A. They do move through those books fairly quickly, but I find they are good for drill and handwriting practice. We also have a Saxon phonics kit that we haven't cracked open yet. I always start my kids with a plain old whiteboard and some tracing pages. You don't really need any fancy curriculum to teach phonics per se! However, like I said, Learning Language Arts through Literature has been my favorite program and does teach phonics at the beginning level (though this may be a little advanced for Catherine.)