Sunday, October 16, 2011

Faith in God

Last Sunday Ashlee received her Faith in God award in sacrament meeting. She began this program when she was baptized at age 8, and over the last four years she has worked on completing tasks such as preparing meals for the family, conducting family home evening, giving service, reading and discussing scriptures, and being interviewed by church leaders. We are so proud of the time and effort she has put into this. There has been a marked difference in her spiritual progression from completing the program.
Now that she is in Young Women's, she will spend the next six years completing her Personal Progress, which includes more advanced activities such as reading and responding to General Conference talks, reading about and discussing the attributes of mothers from scriptural accounts and the examples of those around her, studying the words of the Prophet, scripture study, journaling, and other venues for spiritual and temporal progress. It seems like it was the blink of an eye between the time she was baptized and now, and it's hard to believe that by the time she completes her Personal Progress she'll be moving onto much bigger things like college and marriage! Oh, the milestones. Ashlee, you never cease to amaze us.


  1. WOW!! she is truly the greatest daughter, big sister, dancer, crafter...... way to go ash!!

  2. That is so awesome! Congratulations!