Sunday, September 25, 2011


The weekend began with Ashlee's first craft faire. She's worked hard all year building inventory, and we were happy to find a good "beginner's" fair with a low vendor's fee and just the right turnout. She sold about 8 of her hats and came out ahead, as well as gained some good experience, so we counted it a success.

On Saturday afternoon my best friend from High School, Karen, and her new baby Des came by for a visit. We had our babies two weeks apart, and this was their first meeting. Des was such a snuggler and I wanted to hold him all day. Unfortunately their visit was short due to the fact that they had to make it up the hill in time for dinner. I was definitely sad to see them go.
They make such a cute little family. Clint and Karen have adapted to parenthood very well.
Rachel's new thing is to want to hold baby Anthony. She saw him lying on the floor the other day and became very frantic, wanting him in her arms immediately. She became frustrated when she couldn't pick him up and began circling him in a very unsettled way until I sat her on the couch and placed him in her lap. She gets this cute dazed look on her face when she is holding him. A mother in training.
Ashlee donated some of her unsold items from the craft fair to her siblings. Here's Anthony trying on his pumpkin hat before church this morning. With fall in the air, he'll be wearing it before too long!
We had some family over for Sunday dinner tonight. Jeff and Barbara's baby, Leah, got a first real laugh out of Anthony. It always amazes me how well babies and children relate to each other; very cute indeed!

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  1. It was great to see you too! I wish our visit could have been longer. Next time we are in town (and have time!) we will stop by again. Anthony and Des are such cute little chunks! I am sure they will be great friends, just like their Mamas!