Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All Feels Right

If I had one word for today it would be this: positive.  I feel surrounded by positivity, from both things and people.  It's a good feeling when all feels right in your world, one I don't take for granted.  Good things are in our midst.  Tomorrow I'll be 36 weeks with the twins, and really they could come at any time.  I'll consider them "term" at 37 weeks.  It's exciting to know that I'll be giving birth soon. 

Today I met with my doula client, Alex, for a postpartum follow-up visit.  We met outside at a Starbuck's cafe and she was in good spirits.  She allowed me to hold her sweet baby L for a short time, always a treat.  Theirs truly is a sweet and special family.  As an aspiring midwife and doula, it is rewarding to me to see a woman who is satisfied with her birth experience.  Furthermore when a woman is empowered I know something has gone right.  Birth is something a woman will experience once and relive for a lifetime.  I believe women assisting women in birth forges a special connection that lasts a lifetime.  Perhaps my greatest reward today came from Alex expressing gratitude for the space which I held for her darling little girl's safe, smooth passage into the world, and for honoring and advocating for her birth plan.  While she feels indebted I feel honored.  Honored to have been a part of the process, and honored that she chose me.  Her's was truly an inspiring birth and one that I am grateful to hold at the forefront of my memory as I approach so closely my own journey to walk.  There is nothing like being able to draw upon the strength of powerful women.

I had a feel-good visit with my mom today.  For someone who was so skeptical at the beginning of my surrogacy she has come the farthest in showing her support and "coming around" in due time.  I feel it has been as much a  learning experience for her as it has for me, as she gains trust through witnessing the process.  I am grateful for her confidence and demonstration of love and support.

Lastly, I received a reassuring text from an important person in the equation.  Let's just say it was the reassurance a birthing woman needs.  Confidence has been restored and I have the security I need to go forth in the journey.  I remember things "aligning" themselves like this the week before Anthony's birth and a calm peace that settled over me.  One can hope that means these babies will be coming soon. :)

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