Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fun Week

We've had a fun week, despite Daddy being out of town, that started with some house cleaning and ended with swimming at the lake, a day at the park, and a Rivercats game. We are lo-o-oving this summer-like weather. Pollock Pines is especially beautiful this time of year.
Park day with Rachel and her kids.

Sly Park Lake

The water was a bit chilly for my taste but the kids handled it well.

Another "bump" shot, or as Forrest calls it, my "baby got back" picture.  Can you tell where I carry my baby weight?  I call it counterbalance. ;)

The boys' school during Jacob's baseball practice.

My little acrobat.

Last night's Rivercats game with Jacob's baseball team, 3 rows in.

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