Thursday, January 20, 2011

20 Weeks

Well here we are at the mid point. My uterus measures 20 cm. as of yesterday's prenatal, dead-on where I'm supposed to be. My net weight gain is about 1-2 lbs., being that I initially lost 6 lbs. then gained it back, plus 2. So I guess you could say I've gained 8. I notice a big increase in my energy level, which now lasts all day instead of in spurts. A healthier diet has also helped to fuel this. I am not exercising, largely due to the scare we had 6 weeks ago. At that point I decided I was going to treat this pregnancy as high-risk. I will, however, be anxiously anticipating a 5K come October, and half-marathon training in 2012. It's a small price to pay.
Emotionally, I am not yet mourning the fact that this is a last pregnancy. I am very excited and anticipating the birth, and I think the nostalgia will set in after delivery. In all honesty, it is difficult for me to digest that I am closing this chapter of my life, but I'm not at the end yet. I am counting on bigger and better things to come along and take its place. There was a time when I really thought life would be over when I was done having kids, but I have since re-adjusted my mentality. I need only look to other women in the church (and my step-mom) to see that all seasons in life have their glory. And with 6 kids and potentially oodles of grandkids, who am I to think that I will ever slow down?? Providing this baby is still a boy when we go in for our next ultrasound, we have decided on a name:

Anthony Jordan Hart

I strongly felt that if this baby were a boy, Forrest needed to choose the name, so I gave him the honor. We liked Jordan because it keeps in line with the theme of biblical names for our boys, and at the same time Anthony provides the option of a nickname.

Well, not much else to report at this time. The second trimester is always kind of a honeymoon period. I did decide to seek supplementary care from an OB doctor, whom I will see next week. I am hoping for a more in-depth analysis of what we saw on the ultrasound and maybe a bit more of an explanation as to why we experienced the complications. However, no news would be good news. We are eagerly anticipating another homebirth providing all is well to go forward with such. My midwife is a saint, and as always I am so thankful to be in her care.


  1. Beautiful name - good job Forrest! And we are very glad to hear that you are being conservative with this pregnancy. That will just slow you down a little so you can enjoy it more.

    With children there are always new and exciting (too much so?) things happening. I have a chapter closing also - little sister had her junior high orientation last night. My last in junior high! There are a lot of lasts this year - the last birthday cupcakes at school, the last Halloween party, the last Valentine Day party. But at the same time, she wants me to go with her to the junior high to check it out; Eric involves me with his choices of new classes for high school; Sean shares what's happening in college and still asks for my opinion about a paper he has written; and, you and Roxanne share your new beginnings with your families, and once in awhile come to Dad and I for a "talk" and advice (you have no idea how valuable this is to us).

    Your children will always be your children, you will always be a parent, and good parents will never be alone - boy, are you going to be busy for a LONG TIME!!
    Love, Candy

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I think you and Candy summed it up so well, I will just have to agree with both of you. I, like you, felt I would always struggle when the day came that I said "no more, I'm finished having my children", but amazingly, it feels just fine. Being able to pour my focus into the kids I have is great, and I am not struggling at all! That is not to say that I don't have some of my greatest memories from the times I was pregnant, or the mother of a newborn, but like you said, there is a season and end to all things. We just need to embrace the season we are in. You are working on embracing this last pregancy (I know you are)-it is already HALF WAY OVER, and is going by fast! Embrace it. Take care of yourself, take it easy, don't fret about the weight gain. As someone who gained nearly 60 lbs. for a couple of her pregnancies, trust me and you know will come off if you treat your body right. And you do. So there you go!
    I love your baby name, and I miss you and the kids. I appreciate your in-depth posts to keep us all connected with you. Thank you for them:-)

  3. That is one beautiful tummy. So flawless. You are one statuesque beauty, Lisa!

  4. Love you all- thanks for the kind words.

  5. Oh my heavens! You're so small. It's so cute.