Saturday, January 8, 2011

Celebrate 3!!!!!!!!

Kaitlyn turned three yesterday, and today we celebrated by throwing her a party... her first ever.

All her close friends were there, including cousin Lily. This made for one happy girl. The group size was manageable, and much less rowdy than our boys' parties have been in the past.
Mom explaining a game of "musical shapes"- listen up!
Here we go 'round to the music.
This was our attempt at a pink cake. Made from scratch with strawberry Jell-O in the mix, filled with whipped cream, covered in pink cream cheese icing, and topped with more whipped cream and pink sprinkles. I don't think I have ever not had leftover cake from a birthday party, but this one disappeared, every slice!

A modge-podge of the food and fun.
Happy Birthday Princess! Glad it was a good one.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! We love that little girl, she's so cute :)

  2. Penny had so much fun and came home with many stories to tell of all the things she did. Thanks for having her over! Happy Birthday Kaitlyn, I hope your face gets painted many many many times!!!!!