Monday, January 24, 2011

Pizza Night

Who needs to wait for the weekend to have pizza night?

One of our favorite dinners is homemade pizzas, and the kids especially enjoy making their own. I made the dough in my bread machine (whole wheat, of course) and found this awesome recipe for exquisite pizza sauce. Seriously, I don't usually get this excited over pizza sauce, but this recipe rivals Round Table's, and that says a lot coming from me (I pledge my loyalty to Round Table.) I think the pizazz in the sauce comes from two secret ingredients- honey and organic garlic. Yummm.

Anyhow, I laid all of the ingredients out on the table, gave each of the kids a ball of dough, and let them go to town. It's interesting to see how each of them created their own unique pizzas based on their personal likes.

These were too good and I am ashamed to say I polished off my pizza in its entirety (followed by a few chocolate chip cookies.) I am feeling a little bit of remorse at the moment, but tomorrow it's back on the bandwagon. For what it's worth, I blame the sauce...

1 comment:

  1. Those look good! We do that on occasion with our "Friday dinner and a movie" night. The kids always enjoy it, and I never have a problem getting them to eat the dinner, either!