Saturday, January 29, 2011

And the Doctor Says...

It's still a boy.

And everything else looks great.

After a very tiring 4 hours of appointments yesterday, we were reassured that all is well (and we can still call our baby Anthony.)

My OB referred me for an ultrasound the same day, so it was a lot of back-and-forth between offices.

By law a physician can not provide shadow care if a woman is planning to deliver at home, so in order to keep the appointment I had to fudge and say that we were "undecided" as to where we would be delivering. She was very warm and friendly, but there's pretty much no question in our decision. We have to follow our hearts, and our hearts belong to... homebirth.

It was fun to see our baby again on an ultrasound, and he's so big now that he fills up the screen! He has a cute profile and dainty nose, just like Rachel and Noah. I am especially thankful this time around for a healthy baby, and will be more appreciative than ever before to have him in my arms. My OB did order a full pregnancy panel on me to rule out certain birth defects and other things, so I will probably head down to the lab next week for that. I was too exhausted after yesterday's appointments.

Speaking of exhausted, I think I'll use the last bit of energy I gleaned from that Haagen-Dazs I just ate and go finish my laundry. Sunday can't come soon enough this week...


  1. I thought you might be on your way to appointments when I saw you and Forrest driving around at 8 am. I am so glad that everything is good with little Anthony. I love the name. Remember, since you wouldn't terminate the pregnancy, the test is just for your information.

  2. I'm glad you got into the doctor and got to see little Anthony again. You are well clearing the half-way point, and will be with new baby before you know it-I can't believe how fast it is going! Time flies too fast sometimes:-)(

  3. Ah, Naomi. Sometimes you're too much. I think that goes without saying! It's a good thing I have you to remind me of that. ;)