Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dad Says it All...

...and makes it all right.

(In case you missed this in the comment section, it bears repeating.)

"Strength comes from being "BRUTALLY HONEST" and "COMPASSION" comes from thinking ahead for those that you may hurt in being 'BRUTALLY HONEST".
I am the Very Proud Dad of two grown daughters that have gone on to create their own families and have given me 10 plus “ONE”, grandchildren. I am the very lucky man that has two grown daughters that represent both "BRUTALLY HONEST" AND "COMPASSION". I also have three more children at home.
If we lived "ON" the perfect world, then we should always have to answer to "BRUTALLY HONEST". But, God made it perfectly clear that this world would always be a home for challenges, in expressing our God Given Talents. This is why God, gave us” Freewill”. He also gave us the gift of Compassion.
I agree with Lisa in the fact that there are those that take advantage of modern medicine and use it to "FIT THEIR RUSHED LIVES “, and this is not what God intended for the Talents to be used for. However, God did give some the "Talent" to be used as a means to bring his children from Heaven to Earth for reasons that are only known to him.
It is not for us to judge the outcome of these events! It should be our choice to assist in the outcome in a positive manner that displays “Compassion” to all involved.
It is also important to display Honesty in our expressions so that our thoughts with God are always present in who we are.
I am surely a Blessed Father in all of the above!
God Bless All."

There are no words, Dad, except may we never be too brutal yet never lose the strength to be honest.


  1. Now that I'm finally getting around to comment...

    When I first read the infamous "sentence", I'll admit, I felt a twinge or two of pain in my heart because the words sound pretty strong. It was mainly a feeling if disappointment because of the way things turned out for me. But, not a millisecond later, I remembered watching "A Baby Story" a zillion times (twice daily) when I was pregnant with Brady, and I remember my disappointment every time a C-section delivery aired, because I never thought that would be me. It wasn't the way I wanted to deliver, and it certainly isn't as intimate and special to watch as a natural delivery.

    I agree with Candy and Amy that you feel a little like a failure when your body or circumstances won't let you deliver naturally. I desperately wanted a VBAC, and went 10 days overdue in the dead heat of summer, got dilated to a 9, but to no avail because this time the cord was around Lucy neck. So, that time, I was grateful to have the opportunity to get her here safe and sound.

    But, I want you to understand that amidst all of these emotions and reactions, I do know you and I know you would never mean to offend me or anyone else, so I brushed it off. You have a very tender heart and you do have a right to be passionate about whatever you choose. I think birth is a great choice! Love you!

  2. Love you too Britty. Thank you for your grace and understanding.