Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I jump-started my resolutions by braving the rain and heading down to the Farmer's Market. The customers were few and the produce plenty, which made for a good trip. We were fortunate enough to catch a break in the storm, making for a relatively dry trip as well.

Ashlee made a pretty array of the produce when I came home. The goods:
1 bunch of chard
3 heads of tat soi
3 small heads of bok choy
1 bunch of beets
6 Meyer lemons
4 persimmons
6 pomegranates
1 jar of pomegranate spread

... all for around $20! Farmer's market produce never ceases to amaze me in quality as well as cost.

I love the dark, dense leafy greens of winter. While some are turned off by their almost bitter taste, I love the energizing feel of the nutrients cleansing and nourishing my body. Almost any dark green vegetable is delicious in a soup or stir fry, or sauteed alone with a little oil, lemon juice and salt. Chard is a delicious addition to omelets and frittatas, and beets are delectable roasted with some fresh herbs, goat cheese, and balsamic vinegar. Meyer lemons are sweeter than a traditional lemon and make for wonderful lemon bread, or juice them into a mug of hot water and add honey for an immune system boost. As far as the pomegranates, they are juicier and sweeter than any found in the grocery store this time of year. Save the persimmons until they are mushy-ripe, almost jelled, and eat them whole. Or, mash the pulp and make persimmon cookies.

For lunch today, I made a big salad with homemade honey mustard vinaigrette, and a blackberry banana smoothie with flax seed and wheat germ. This is about the sixth consecutive day that I've had a big salad for or as part of my lunch, and I can not tell you how good it makes me feel.
Mmmmmmm produce! Happy, healthy eating!


  1. Oh that looks soooo good. I really need the motivation back!

  2. love the salad in the popcorn bowl!!!

  3. Okay, I am not much of a recipe person, but here's my best version. You may have to make a few alterations according to how thick or sweet you want it.

    *fill blender half full with frozen blackberries.
    *slice in one whole ripe banana
    *add milk to about half way up the blackberries (you may need to add more as you blend to adjust consistency.)
    *add 1-2 Tbs. honey or pure cane sugar and a splash of vanilla
    *add 1-2 Tbs. each wheat germ and flax seed
    *throw in 1 c. ice, if desired
    *blend until smooth!