Saturday, January 15, 2011


Never attempt crockpot yogurt when you're too tired to stay up and finish it.
This is what milk looks like when it's been cooking on low for 12 hours instead of the required 2 1/2 hours to make yogurt. I fell asleep last night and forgot to unplug it. I'm about to go start over, so we should have fresh yogurt by tonight. Darn that wasted half-gallon of milk!! (Darn feeling so tired by the end of the week.)

*Never attempted crockpot yogurt? Ooooh it's good. Find the recipe here.


  1. Oh boy Lisa, that sure looks yummy! Your cooking skills are really getting up there. Mmm...mmmm!

  2. Scalded milk? Ummm, okay.

    Actually it smelled really good when I was dumping it down the sink. I was wishing I could've used it in something else, like a pudding.