Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Good Things

When all else fails, blog about food.

So, here you go; the day's random good things.

Over the summer I was turned on to a drink called Yerba Mate. I first started noticing it in Nugget Market in the form of iced drinks and energy drinks. I assumed it was actual tea, so I passed it up. Then while I was in the health food store one day looking at the teas, I saw a box of Yerba Mate and read "100% herbal" on the label. Score! So I purchased my first box (for around $7.00) and made some "tea." This soon became my stand-in summer drink (iced, of course.) What I like about it is the mental lift it gives. One cup contains the caffeine equivalent of about a third of a cup of coffee, but being that it's herbal it is a good, clean lift and not the kind that makes you cranky (like would come from coffee or soda.) When you're a mom of 5 you take energy any way it comes.

Well, at $7 a box, my pocket book put a quick end to this love affair. That is, until today. You see, my friend Tiffany discovered this neat little hole-in-the-wall meat market in Folsom that carries a 2 lb. bag of loose-leaf Mate for $5. See ya kids, Mom's off to the meat market. Score!
While there, the shop owner talked me into trying some of his store-baked pita bread. At $1.38 a bag, I couldn't pass it up, so I grabbed a white and whole-wheat. They were so soft, the kids loved them, and they went perfectly with our...
Cuban beans and rice. I am so excited about my pressure cooker, and Katie suggested I try black beans in it. Well, the only experience I have had with making beans from scratch was a few years ago and it ended in a very stinky house and a clogged garbage disposal, so needless to say I have been hesitant since then and have resorted to paying $1.09 per tiny can at Trader Joe's. Well, last night I made one pound of black beans from scratch, in my pressure cooker, in 35 minutes! And they turned out creamy and amazing. So, tonight we used the leftovers to make this dish, Cuban beans and rice. Yum.

(Not my... you guessed it. Food never stays around long enough in this house to be photographed.)

So there you go, random good things. This is day 1 of my re-re-vamped diet, so you can understand my slight attraction to all-things-food (not that I need an excuse for that.)

Oh, what's my re-re-vamped diet you ask? Well, here's a breakdown: nix the sweets, small portions, whole foods, base of fruits and veggies, and Mate... lots of Mate (that's pronounced ma-tay.) Sounds pretty boring and typical, right? Well, I never was a fad person (fad diets are horrible for you anyways,) and it works magic. Guess what? There is no magic to a healthy diet! Word of Wisdom folks (that's what I keep trying to remind myself of.) Oh, and physical activity helps too (when you're not having a complicated pregnancy... I'm really trying to get in to see a doctor.) I am seriously fighting this running bug and can't wait to get back to it though.

5 more months, 5 more months...


  1. I lived off of Yerba Mate when I got home from Argentina. It's a huge staple over there. It also helps with weight loss. I drink it out of the gourd and straw too which is even more fun;)