Thursday, February 3, 2011

For Sale

What is it about childhood and selling things? I can remember drawing pictures as a kid and going door-to-door selling them for $0.25 a piece. Of course, no one probably really wanted my pictures, but when I sold one it made all the difference in the world.

Well today I walked outside to find Jacob and Brady smashing rocks on the side steps to reveal the "crystals" inside. A short while later Noah came in to make a sign. It was to read: "$1 each."

My initial reaction was to blurt out, "What! You can't sell rocks!" But remembering my own childhood endeavors, I withdrew. Instead, I patiently wrote out the letters e-a-c-h and sent him on his way.

Ashlee jumped on the opportunity and brought out her hair bows and homemade bath salts. It was a regular bazaar.

To my knowledge their only customer was Dad (and an easily-conned Noah,) but they had fun while it lasted. Midway, Noah came in the kitchen with one of the "crystals" that he had bought for 3 pieces of money (the coin kind, not the paper kind, I made sure of,) and hid it up in the spice cabinet. "This one is for me and you only," he told me. Sweet guy stashing our treasure.

Thanks Brittany for capturing the memory!


  1. Awwwww! I love it! I too remember how exciting it was as a child when people bought what we were selling. I remember having a lemonade stand and selling that. It is for that reason that nearly every time I drive by one of those types of stands up here, I have to stop and either purchase what is being sold, or make a donation:-) The kids running the stand always get SO excited, and I totally get it, and it brings me right back and makes me smile.
    If I would have been there, I would have bought some crystals and hairbows!!

  2. oh the memories. I used to sell anything and everything when I was a kid! I used to pick flowers from my moms garden to sell, pictures I drew, old toys, lemonade, I even packed up cleaning products and offered to clean peoples bathroom for 50 cents.
    As long as you oversee no weirdo's approaching your children it will be a great learning experience for them! I wish I knew they were out there, I would of come down with my coin box :)