Monday, February 14, 2011


This past week we have been blessed with so many sunny days. There is something about natural sunlight that does wonders for my mood. When I walk into a bright, sunny room, I am instantly transformed. I just love it. I will probably always live in a two-story house because I love the way the second story allows so much light to come in, and I love the view. It brings such a feeling of tranquility to gaze through these windows delicately trimmed in white eyelette curtains out onto the horizon.
And I love the feeling of the girls' room. Theirs gets the most sunlight of all.
I walked in yesterday while Ashlee was cleaning it and was overcome by a feeling of peace. I could've taken a nap in there (minus the five kids, of course.)

I love the healing powers of sunlight.

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  1. I love the sun too! It looks like it has been so sunny and warm over there. What a great February for you. I love what comes in our upstairs windows also. On a clear day, I think one of the mountains seen is clear up in Canada! All the rolling mountains and how they look all seasons is just breathtaking! On clear mornings, I will sometimes stop by the boys room at sunrise (they are up before then!), and peek out to my right and watch the colors change for the sunrise. We used to have full view of the sky at our old house-the view off the deck. Miss that one. Bring on the sunshine!