Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I had a little bit of a scary incident this morning. I was carrying a load of blankets down into the garage to be washed, and at the top step one of the blankets got under my foot and I slipped. Thankfully I went back instead of forward, but I managed to slide down about 4 stairs and it was quite jarring. All the kids came running to the door and asked in alarm, "Mom, did you just fall?" I calmly answered yes and just sat there for about five minutes, waiting out the pain.

Kaitlyn came to my side and asked, "Is baby Anthony hurt? Is he crying?"

Noah ran upstairs and grabbed the rest of the laundry, and said, "Here Mom, I'll carry this down for you so you don't have to slip and hurt your other foot" (my leg had hit the stair railing on the way down and was turning purple before my eyes.)

I have since felt Anthony move and I'm sure everything is okay, but it was quite a scare. I guess things like that can happen in an instant.

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  1. OH my gosh! I'm glad you didn't fall down the stairs even further! You're heart must have skipped 10 beats! I'm so sorry!