Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guess Who Turned 30 Be-fooore Me?!

Happy Birthday Babe!
Our one-size-fits-all banner that we put up in January and take down in March. With 6 birthdays in 2 months, you would too.
The dinner: New York steak, oven roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts, and green salad.
We've all come to celebrate!
And saving the best for last: a black tie mousse cake. We needed something fancy to celebrate 30, and this cake was just right. It took some effort and had me a little flustered afterward, but boy was it delicious. This is my replica of a favorite cake I used to enjoy while working at The Olive Garden.

layer 1: devil's food cake
layer 2: chocolate mousse
layer 3: vanilla custard
layer 4: chocolate ganache
and mini chocolate chips
I hope he gets his wish!

The gift: a snazzy new outfit consisting of CK jeans, a button-up polo, and fluffy pullover (sorry, no pictures, but he looks great in it.)
Happy 30 honey! We love you!!
(and I get a whole month to enjoy it before catching up to you.)


  1. Happy Birthday to Forrest! The big 3-0...!

    That cake is to-die-for!!! I'd love that recipe.

  2. On man - that cake is amazing. Happy Birthday!!! Let the good times roll.