Monday, February 7, 2011

Give Away, Not Put Away

Today was a very sad day for me; one I have been anticipating for a long time and knew was inevitable.

I cleaned out my baby girl clothes- for the last time. It's the usual routine of sorting out the too-small outfits and replacing them with sizes for the next three months, only this time, instead of going back in the baby clothes bin to be worn again, they went into the giveaway bag.

I realize this is something every mother has gone through, but as I was sorting through those clothes and placing them into the bag never to be seen again, I felt like I was the only mother who had ever done this, alone in the world.

There was a lot of sentimental value attached to those garments. Most of them had been worn by both Kaitlyn and Rachel, and some even dated back to Ashlee. Hard to let go.

On the bright side, I know where they are going and that seems to help, if only a little. I have a friend in the ward who has struggled with infertility for years, and is now pregnant. She recently discovered she will be having a girl, and when I heard this I immediately knew the clothes would go to her. I tried to pick out the best, matching outfits to go in the bag; the rest will be consigned.

Ashlee is somewhat disappointed that we are done having babies and has reasoned, "Can't you just have 7 or 8? I would be totally fine with that." So would I honey, but talk to your dad. Mom could do babies forever, but not in this life.

As I was thinking aloud today about the upcoming trial of having two "babies" so close in age, Ashlee very matter-of-factly exclaimed, "Mom, I'm going to be taking care of Rachel." Okay, that solves that. =) I appreciate that her heart is in the right place.

I sure am going to miss all that pink.


  1. That makes me want to cry. I can image how you felt today! At least you were blessed with six wonderful kids. What a WONDERFUL blessing, if only all of us could have that many.

  2. Man. You have pulled at my heart strings. I have totally been there and it is not easy to say good bye. Take one last good sniff of them for me. At least we have pictures and the kids right?

  3. I don't even need to say to you that "I completely understand." You are ahead of me-Reagan's still sit upstairs in a closet, just waiting for me. I gave Alyssa's away when I thought I was done. God sure does work in amazing ways though:-)

  4. Roxanne-

    Better watch out- you hold onto those clothes long enough and you're going to get pregnant again. ;)